Monster Scribbles


Halloween toddler crafts - scribble monsters

If you didn’t get the chance to check out yesterday’s blog post on how to create Watercolour Splat Monsters, don’t forget to check it out after you’re done reading this post.  They’re utterly adorable, incredibly easy and fun to make, and they are the perfect Halloween craft for all ages.

I did this monster scribble activity with the girls over the half term school break as our youngest (who is two), loves to scribble.  She is of the age where her scribbles don’t resemble much more than random marks on the paper; although I can often be found pretending I understand completely what she had intended them to look like! After making some of the other monster crafts, she really wanted to draw her own monsters, so we decided to create these together.

We all loved making these, as they make all of the marks themselves; so they really feel like they have made these monsters on their own.  Our eldest (who is four) loved making these more than I expected.  She is of the age where she can draw something that vaguely resembles the thing she is drawing, so she is now out of the scribble phase.  However, she loved experimenting with creating different types of scribbles and how they differed from one another.  They also loved telling me how many eyes each monster should have, or what little features should be included; they really led the way with the design aspect of each monster.

Here is what you will need to create your own scribble monsters;

  • Card or paper
  • Crayons, felt tips, or pencils
  • A pen for creating the monster designs
  • Googly eyes (this is an optional added extra)

How to create your own scribble monsters;

  1. Give your child some paper/card and crayons, pencils or felt tips; and let them go wild scribbling their own unique designs.
  2. Once they are done; add on the monster designs using the pen. Add googly eyes to your monsters to finish them off.

Whether you’re a confident artist or not, these are so much fun to create together.  There is not right or wrong design, they’re monsters after all!  For more ideas on how to draw your monster design, check out yesterday’s Watercolour Splat Monsters post.

Here are a few that we created together (these were our four year old’s designs as our two year old wouldn’t part with hers!);

Keep an eye out for the next monster related blog posts coming tomorrow; Monster Bunting (this craft would also work really well for the Monster Bunting activity).

For more Halloween related crafts, check out some of last year’s posts; Bumpkins, Sun Catchers, and Spider Webs.

I’d love to see your creations, so don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @littlecupofmum so I can see what you came up with too.

If you are celebrating Diwali this weekend, have a wonderful time. I wish you a Diwali that brings happiness, prosperity and joy to you and all your family.


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