Watercolour Splat Monsters


Halloween is just a few days away, so we have been well underway with all our usual themed crafts.  Last year the girls picked pumpkins and spiders as the theme for our October crafts (Bumpkins, Sun Catchers, and Spider Webs), this year we decided to go with monsters.  We had made quite a few different monster crafts over the past couple of weeks; however, I came home after a trip away to find that my own two little monsters had used their creative skills defacing them, before I had the opportunity to photograph them!  Needless to say, those did not make the cut for any of this year’s blog posts!

We’ve recently had the half term school break, so I was constantly finding activities to do that filled small pockets of time.  These watercolour splat monsters are really quick and easy to make; they’re low prep and have endless designs possibilities.  They’re also relatively mess free and very few materials are needed.

Here is what you will need to create your own splat monsters;

  • A paint brush (ideally a fine tipped brush, although any small paint brush will work)
  • Plain white card (paper can be used, but it is likely that the paper will crinkle slightly as it dries.  For a smooth finish, I would recommend using card)
  • Water colour paint (cheap and cheerful water colours should do the job just fine)
  • A Small amount of water in a cup
  • A Drinking straw (ideally not single use plastic!)
  • A pen for creating the monster designs
  • Googly eyes (optional)

How to create your own splat monsters;

  1. Using a small amount of water on your brush, mix the paint and water together on the pallet.  Dab the mixed water and paint onto your card or paper.  Add another drop or two of water to the colour on the card to ensure you have enough to create your monster.
  2. Hover the straw two to three centimeters over the paint blob on the card; and blow!  Repeat this from different heights and angles to create different looking monsters.  If required, add more paint and water to your monster and repeat the process until you’re happy with the design.
  3. Set the splats aside and allow the paint to dry fully.
  4. Create your monsters!  We used googly eyes to finish each of ours, but this is an optional added extra.

We created a series or cards and posters to display and give away.  Here are just a few examples of ones that we made.


Keep an eye out over the next couple of days for more monster related crafts.

Blog posts coming up over this weekend; Monster Scribbles and Monster Bunting (this craft would also work really well for the Monster Bunting activity).

I’d love to see your creations, so don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @littlecupofmum so I can see what you came up with too.

Happy crafting,


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