His and Her Gifts for 2020

We are well and truly on the countdown to Christmas; given the year we have all had, I can honestly say this has come around a lot quicker than expected. I usually do, and completely my Christmas shopping in November – I like to have it done and dusted before December, as it is always an incredibly busy month for us. With being in lock down for so long, I had a little time on my hands to get it all sorted a tad sooner… it was done by September! I don’t know whether to be proud or slightly ashamed!

If you’re struggling for some ideas for him or her, here are some of my favourite finds this year.

Gifts for Him

Mo Bro’s Beard Grooming Kit

This was actually something I suggested last year. With all of these months in lockdown, many of our men have taken on the handsome rugged look. Mo Bro’s has a range of different personal care kits, varying in price and size. The XL Beard Maintenance Grooming Kit is the perfect gift this Christmas, if your other half is looking to style or maintain their handsome rugged look.


The official uniform of 2020! One of the positives from 2020 has definitely been the ability to dress down for work. With much uncertainty in the air still, we could be living in our loungewear for a little longer! Jack Wills have some really nice pieces in at the moment; the Kinnear Loungepant in Iris and Long Sleeve Henley in Grey Marl are perfect for this winter season.

An Experience

This is something Greg and I usually do for each other, for either a birthday or Christmas. Especially now we have children, we often have very little time together as just a couple. We’ve done spa days, afternoon tea, gone to the theatre, had driving experiences and various other adventures. Admittedly, it is a little tricky to book anything at the moment, but there are vouchers with a one to two year time limit, in which to complete the experience. Some companies currently have a COVID cover, extending the time limit if it is not possible to book the experience, due to government restrictions. I usually pick up a generic voucher pack, which allows Greg to pick from a huge range of activities – Boots usually have these on a stand in their stores. You can see a range of their activities online.

Subscription Box

These are becoming increasingly popular. There is a huge range of options available; from books, to beers, fitness to gadgets, vinyls to gaming; there really is something suitable for everybody. These are usually a rolling monthly subscription – and in many cases, boxes can be personalised and tailored to your loved one’s preferences.

3 in 1 Charging Stand

I don’t know about your house, but it certainly feels like there are not enough plugs in our house – even with the countless extension cables we have! This is a really handy gadget for anyone who has a smartphone, smartwatch and AirPods. Not only is ultra handy, it looks pretty slick too! These can be found on Amazon, as well as many technology stores.

Class Subscription

2020 is a year that has sparked many new interests and hobbies, or reignited old ones. A bit like a subscription box, you can purchase one off or monthly master classes. There is everything from make-up, to water colour art, cooking, writing, music, sports and games, singing, and many more. MasterClass has a huge range available online.

Gifts for Her


It is safe to say, I have spent the best of 2020 in mine. As much as I want normal life to return, I am not sure I am ready to give up all of my loungewear! Coordinated sets have been a big trend for the past 18 months; naturally this has filtered into loungewear, too. I recently nipped to Tesco and found myself browsing in the clothes section (of course!), and came across a lovely, soft three piece lounge set, in white. This set is perfect for cosy nights in; unfortunately, it can only be purchased in store, not online. Shein also do a super cosy three piece, Teddy Lounge Set, which is a must have this season.


I am definitely the sort of person who owns far too many slippers! I like to wear my slippers around the house as much as possible, so rotate them around every couple of days to be washed. I have a mix of mule type slippers and boots. I absolutely love Ugg slippers, but they are definitely more of an investment piece. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Next have some super cosy Suede Mule Slippers.

Wine Subscription

If you’re looking for a subscription box for her, there are endless options. There are the classic make-up and pamper boxes, arts and crafts, book bundles, clothing subscriptions (be careful with these – always read the reviews!), and there are wine boxes! There are a variety of companies offering this service; some offer a rolling 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. You can select the types of wine, how many you wish to receive per month, and the duration of your subscription. It is worth researching the different companies and options offered, to find the most suitable type for you and your loved one.

Wax Melts

Last year, I recommended some of my favourite candles; this year I have discovered the joy of wax melts! Greg gave me a wax melt burner about 18 months ago, and if I’m honest, I never used it. We had a lot of candles on the go, so I popped it in the cupboard to be used a little later. During the summer, I was sorting through some of our cupboards and stumbled across it. I figured I would use it; once I did, I became hooked! The thing I love about wax melts, is you can buy a selection of different scents. A traditional candle take a good number of uses before it burns out, which is great, but if you’re looking for some variety, wax melts certainly gives you this. There are many larger companies who are now producing wax melts; including Yankee, large supermarket chains, Dunelm and other homeware stores. I have begun to purchase mine from a friend who makes them as part of her business. During this crazy time, I highly recommend trying to purchase wax melts from small businesses who have lost much of their work this year. One benefit to buying these from small independent suppliers, is the range and intensity of the scents. I’ve found that the melts often last for longer, and the scent truly fills the entire house.

Rotating Round Brush Hair Dryer

This was something I asked for last Christmas. I’m not very skilled when it comes to drying my hair with a round brush, but I adore the hair salon blow out effect. I found the perfect solution last year and have been obsessed since. It is very easy to use and gives you the perfect salon look. At some point, I will do a tutorial and full review on here and my social media pages. I have the BaByliss Diamond Big Hair Dual. This is a rotating round brush, which is also a hair dryer; the brush literally does all the work for you!

Hand Moisturizer

Due to the pandemic, most of us have found ourselves washing and sanitizing our hands more frequently than normal. Due to the requirement to sanitize or wash your hands at every new shop or location, it can leave your hands feeling sore and dry. We are coating our hands in more chemicals than they are accustomed to, so a little TLC wouldn’t go amiss. There are endless moisturizers available; the key is knowing which type you need. Are you prone to dry skin? Is your skin sensitive? Do you want SPF in it? Anti-aging properties? Budget? These are all factors to consider when picking out the perfect moisturizer. However, if that all sounds far too technical, and you’re just looking for something to give your hands that much needed boost, the Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Hydrating Hand Gel Cream with Hyaluronic Acid is a great option. If you’re looking for a gift set, L’Occitane Hand Cream Trio Festive Collection Bodycare Gift Set from John Lewis is a lovely option.

Weighted Blanket

This isn’t a specific his or her’s gift. Greg surprised me with one of these earlier this year, and I can honestly say, it has been a complete game changer. I’ve always struggled to sleep; finding it impossible to switch my brain off at night. Since having this blanket, I fall asleep much quicker than before, and sleep much more deeply. These can be picked up on Amazon – they come in varying weights, sizes and colours.

I think the top gift on all of our Christmas wish lists this year, is for our previous lives to return; and to be able to spend time with our friends and family. This wasn’t the year we all expected, but hopefully 2021 will bring some much needed normality back.

Are you all set for Christmas yet? Let me know on my latest Instagram post.


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