2020 Reflections

“There are hidden blessings in every struggle.” – Unknown

2020 has certainly served us all with endless life lessons, whether we wanted them or not! We all started this year with high hopes of making it our best year yet, but by March, our lives had been turned upside down. Holidays had been cancelled, jobs were being lost; and the world we once knew seemed to be slipping away in the blink of an eye.

I am very much the type of person who tries to find the positives in every situation, no matter how dire it may seem. I firmly believe that there are many lessons we can learn, if we only take a moment to stop and reflect. Everything we are and have become, is a direct result of our experiences – good and bad. 2020 will shape us in more ways than we may realise, so here are the lessons I have taken from this year.

2020 Reflections

  • The materialistic things really don’t matter. “The most beautiful things in life are not the materialistic things. They are people and places, memories and pictures. They’re the feelings and moments, tight hugs, smiles and laughter.”
  • Prioritize what makes you happy. It is not selfish to take time for yourself – it is needed. You are worth a quiet moment. You are worth the deeper breath. You are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still and rest.
  • Family and friends are everything! This goes without saying; but this year certainly highlighted it more than ever. Cherish your friends, they are truly everything; and love your family with all you have.
  • If all else fails, get outdoors. Never underestimate the benefit of spending just a few moments outdoors. Whether it is five minutes of escape time in the garden, or a woodland walk, the benefits to your physical and mental health are undeniable.
  • Whatever the struggle, you will get through it. One of my favourite quotes is that “my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100%.” I love this quote because it is true – no matter how tough something was, we are all here now, through those patches. Take confidence in yourself, knowing that you can and will get through this too.
  • Take from it, what you can. I firmly believe that there is a lot we can take away from every situation in life. In the heat of the moment, it is all too easy to be distracted by the chaos around us; but if we step back, there are always lessons to be learnt. These challenging times are an opportunity to grow as a person; we may develop more creativity, resilience, patience, or knowledge. Take that moment to breathe, and figure out what you can take from this moment.
  • Prioritize sleep. “The way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is getting enough sleep.” – Arianna Huffington – this is something I am still working on!

2021 Goals

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions – why wait until January 1st, when you could make a positive change in your life today? But there are some areas that I plan to prioritize more. Who knows what curve ball we may be thrown in 2021, but these are my goals for next year.

  • Clear out any clutter – if it doesn’t bring me joy, donate it.
  • Set a bedtime for myself – Get at least 8 hours sleep every night.
  • Find the work, family, home life balance (if there is such a thing!)
  • Workout regularly.
  • Drink more water.
  • Focus on balancing my diet more (not a glass of wine in one hand and cake in the other!!)
  • Learn something new.
  • Clear out and organize my wardrobe – donate anything I do not need.
  • Rise early and have half an hour of well-being time to myself (meditate, read, or just take 5!)
  • Restart my daily gratitude, doing these before I go to bed each night.
  • Travel to see friends more (lockdown dependent!)
  • Spend more quality time with Greg
  • Eliminate a bad habit (I haven’t decided which one yet!)
  • Spend less time online – use this time for self care.
  • Do more things outside of my comfort zone.

I would love to hear about your 2020 reflections, and goals for 2021. Either drop those below in the comments section, or on my latest Instagram post.


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