7 Ways To Wear A Mini Scarf For Work

“I get more compliments on accessories than anything else.  I think they’re kind of like herbs and spices.  They give zest and zing to an outfit.” – Iris Apfel

I decided to open this post with Iris Apfel’s quote; it felt very fitting and rings true.  I’m nowhere near as eccentric as the fabulous and iconic Iris Apfel, but I do find that my accessories catch people’s eyes frequently; gaining interest and inquires as to where they were from.  Before I purchase any items of clothing, jewellery, shoes or accessories, I ask myself how versatile they are.  Unless it is meant to be a special show piece, I must be able to imagine wearing it multiple different ways; if I can’t, I put it back on the rail.

The thing I love about accessories, it how they can transform a look.  I always find that accessories are incredibly versatile and therefore a wise investment.  I was recently sent the Lily scarf from Necks Please; as soon as I saw this scarf, I knew this would be one of my favourite go to work accessories.

Here are 7 ways I have recently worn the Lily scarf for work;

  1. Sleek ponytail

I recently did a post showing how you could wear the Bella scarf in your hair, 18 different ways.  This was one of the styles I included; often for work we are required to have a more corporate look.  As much as I love the beachy mermaid braids, they are not always deemed as appropriate for the workplace (in my eyes, mermaid hair is appropriate in all settings!)  You can never go wrong with a sleek ponytail, so this is a nice way to add a twist to your look.

2. Pussy bow


For this look, I actually used two Lily scarves as one isn’t quite long enough.  I tied two of the ends together and placed the knot behind my neck.  If you’re wearing your hair down or you’ve got a collar on your shirt/jacket, you’ll cover the knot you have created.  I then tied a floppy long bow, recreating the pussy bow look.

3. Draped scarf


The first time I wore the Lily scarf like this, it was unintended.  I had draped it around the neck of my pale pink shirt, ready to tie it as a neck scarf (see below); but I liked the casual look it created, so I left it like that.  I liked the casual neutral look which I have included in this picture, but keep an eye out on my Instagram to see how I wore it the first time. If you’re worried about the scarf slipping out of place, you can use a safety pin to secure it in place.

4. Half up half down ribbons


This is again another of my favourite ways to wear my hair for work.  It has a playful look, whilst remaining sophisticated.  For more hair ideas, see the link at the end of this post.

5. Bag bow


If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your bag, this is a nice, easy twist.  If you purchase two scarves, you can create a larger floppy bow, wrap the scarves around the handle or have a matching bow in your hair/outfit.

6. Neck scarf


This is one of my favourite ways to wear this scarf.  I used two bows for this look, but it can be achieved with one (it just isn’t as thick in width).  Whether you’ve got your shirt buttoned down or buttoned up to collar bone level, this is a really nice twist to your outfit.  This would also look great with a white linen shirt, denim shorts and shades in the summer.

7. Belt


I initially wore this belt look with a black pair of work trousers and long cardigan, but I also loved it as a slouchy casual look.  I again used two scarves to create this look; I passed the scarves through the belt loops as normal and tied them into a bow at the front.

There are endless ways to wear these scarves, these are just a few of the ways I have worn them for work recently.  If you’re looking for ways to wear a scarf in your hair, click here for my recent hair scarf post.

I’d love to see how you style a scarf in your hair or for work, so make sure you tag me on Instagram so I can see your outfit posts too.


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