We’re Off To Find A Unicorn – Book Review

It was always my dream as a child to have my very own Beauty and the Beast library, and although I now realise that it not very realistic, we still love to fill our house with books.  Books are a huge part of our family life; we spend a lot of time sat together reading, whether it is a children’s book, story book, or a reference book – no genre is off the cards.

That being said, the girls are now two and four, so they are very much obsessed with princess and unicorns.  I was kindly sent Eloise White and Cory Reid’s We’re Off To Find A Unicorn book to review.  If I am honest, I’m not sure who was more excited to sit down and read it!

This review is a combination of mine and my daughters’ thoughts.

We’re Off To Find A Unicorn
By Eloise White

Published November 2019 by Owlet Press
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 26

Rating: 5/5 stars (as rated by my children)

We’re off to find a unicorn.
A mystical, magical unicorn.
We’re off to find a unicorn.
Wherever can it be?

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, meets Where’s My Unicorn and Will We Miss Them?: Endangered Animals.  When I was first introduced to this book, I was instantly intrigued by the description; “…this book spreads the message about the magic of endangered wildlife whilst following a family at the centre of the plot.”  This sounded like a book my girls would love, and a story my husband and I would enjoy reading to them.

The Plot

You follow the journey of a family who are on the hunt for a unicorn.  Along the way, they find a number of endangered animals.

The Characters

There are a few different characters in this book;

The Family: which includes a mixture of ages (grandparents through to children), gender (male and female), races and a beautiful little girl who is wheelchair bound.

There is also the mystical, magical unicorn and an assortment of endangered animals, including; a pangolin, rhino, jaguar, bush baby, polar bear and a chameleon.

The Setting

The story begins in a nondescript location; the family then journeys through a series of settings, each representative of the natural habitat associated with each of the featured animals.

The Writing

The story flows nicely and is easy to understand.  The author and illustrator makes good use of varying font sizes to highlight character expressions.  This is visually nice for children to see and helps them to understand the story fully.  The level of language used is appropriate for younger children, but includes terminology such as pangolin, grasslands, termites and glistening; which helps to increase children’s vocabulary.

The Illustrations 

We all enjoyed these illustrations.  Cory Reid’s work is charming, playful, vibrant and carefully thought out. This book from cover-to-cover is very pleasing to the eye.


My only criticism of this book, is that I wish there were more animals included.  We loved meeting each of the animals and finding the hiding unicorn; but I would have loved to have seen several more animals included, such as the giant panda, orangutan, Bengal tiger and green turtle to name a few.

That being said, it is a children’s book, so it needs to be short and snappy.  Introducing further animals could potentially make the story too long, causing children to lose interest.  My hope is that the author and illustrator will produce further stories, where we are taken on another journey meeting more endangered animals in their natural habitats.

I will finish this review with some quoted comments from my children, reflecting their thoughts on the book;

Our eldest (4.5 years): “I really likes this book; I loved seeing the pangolin and bush baby.  The pictures in this book are very sweet.”

Our youngest (2.5 years): “I love it. I love all the animals. I love the jaguar.”

If you’ve read this book too or have any book recommendations; we would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below or on my latest Instagram post.

You can grab your copy of We’re Off To Find A Unicorn from the Owlet Press webpage.


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Thank you to Owlet Press for partnering with me on this post.

Thank you to Cory Reid for providing the illustrations for this post.



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