18 Ways To Wear A Hair Scarf

“Invest in your hair, it is the only crown you never take off.”

There is nothing I love more than great hair accessories; from ribbons, to clips, slides, and headbands.  Whether you’re styling up an outfit, adding a cute twist or disguising the tired mum hair that is overdue a wash; hair accessories can completely transform your entire look.

I was recently sent some scarves from Necks Please; their beautiful Bella scarf and luxurious Lily scarf (I’ll be showing you how I style the Lily scarf in another post); there are endless ways to style your hair using the Bella scarf, here are a few of my favourite ways;

1. Half up, half down with long ribbons


This is a really nice, easy way to style your hair.  Simply tie your hair in a half up, half down ponytail and wrap the scarf around the bobble.

2. Messy bun with an under knot


This is again another quick and easy way to style your hair.  Once you have created your messy bun, wrap the scarf around the base of the bun multiple times, tying the scarf underneath (this would also look lovely tied at the top or on the side).

3. Loose weaved, half head plait


There are a few different ways to attach the scarf into your hair to create this look.  For this style, I attached the scarf onto a clear bobble and tied it into my hair. Then simply  plait the hair and scarf together; if you have a good length of scarf left over once you have plaited the hair, tie this around the bobble at the end.

4. Sleek ponytail


This is another quick and easy way to style your hair.  Depending on the length of your hair, you can wrap the scarf around once or several times, before tying it around your hair.

5. Weaved ponytail plait


If you are creating this look on your own, it can be a little fiddly; I would recommend attaching the scarf to a clear bobble, tying it onto the central cluster of plait hair.  Once you’ve attach the scarf onto the hair, plait the hair and scarf together.  With any left over scarf length, wrap this around the bobble and tie off.

6. Tied headband


If you’re looking to tie your hair up and out of the way, this is a nice easy way of doing this.  I would recommend using a couple of bobby pins to secure the scarf in place.  Place the scarf  on the under side of your hair, pulling the ends up to the top of your head.  Tie your knot and secure.

7. Dorothy pigtails

IMG_20191123_154517 (1).jpg

Because nobody is too old to wear pigtails!  This looks really nice with longer, floppy bows.

8. Horse tail wrap


If you’re looking for a unique way to wrap your hair, this is an easy unique look.  Tie your hair into a ponytail, wrapping the scarf around the top bobble.  Cross the scarf over the top side of the hair, and then again on the under side, repeating this all the way down the hair.  Once you have wrapped the full length of hair, tie the end off.

9. Long tailed braid


Messy mermaid braids are very on trend; and you don’t need to have very thick hair to achieve this.  To create this look, braid your hair as normal.  Once you’ve tied off the braid with a bobble, begin the tease/pull the hair out at the sides to create a thicker looking braid.  Tie the scarf to the end of the braid, covering the bobble.

10. Princess bow


This is one of my favourite ways to wear a scarf in my hair.  It is elegant, chic and timeless.  My girls also love having princess hair, so this is their favourite way too.

11. Tied ring bun

IMG_20191123_123210 (1).jpg

This is a great way to wear your hair if the dry shampoo is not cutting it! Create your ring/donut/sock bun and wrap the scarf around until there is a small amount left to tie underneath.

12. Weaved braid


This look can be a little fiddly to achieve on your own; like with the weaved ponytail plait, I’d recommend attaching the scarf onto a clear bobble, tying it into your hair before braiding.  Once you’ve braided the scarf and hair together, tease/pull the hair out at the sides to create a thicker braided look.

13. The scrunchie


This is a nice alternative to a regular scrunchie.  I would usually tie my hair in this way after it had been curled.

14. Single braided princess bow

IMG_20191123_104744 (1).jpg

This is another of my favourite ways to wear my hair with a scarf.  It is perfect for the summer beachy look, or when you’re snuggled up in a cosy knit over the winter period.

15. Twisted bun


This is another nice way to wear your hair if you need it up and out of the way.  Put your hair into a ponytail, tying the scarf around the bobble.  Split the hair into two parts, placing one length of the scarf on either side.  Twist the hair and scarf together, wrapping it up into a bun.

16. Double braided princess bow

IMG_20191123_115716 (1).jpg

This is again a great way to do your hair if you’ve recently curled it.  The curls flowing out from the bow looks beautiful and elegant.

17. Princess ring bun

IMG_20191123_155422 (1).jpg

This is a similar look to the tied ring bun.  Instead of wrapping the scarf around the base of the bun multiple times, wrap the scarf around the bun once starting at the top, tying it into a bow underneath.

18. Headband


Headbands are very on trend at the moment; from jeweled, to knotted, to beautiful prints. This is a great way to create your own unique headband.  To create this, I used one of my thick headbands, scarf and two thin bobbles.  I wrapped the scarf around the headband from one end to the other, tying both ends down with a bobble.

There are endless ways to transform your look using a scarf, to pick up your own Bella scarf, follow this link.  The Bella scarf also comes in Navy, Red, Turquoise and Cream.

Don’t forget to tag me in your hair scarf pictures on Instagram, so I can see your beautiful hair creations too.


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Thank you to Necks Please for partnering with me on this post.


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