8 Ways To Wear A Scarf This Summer

I usually always carry a scarf around with me; you never know when you might need a cover up, bag, or quick transformation of your outfit.  I recently received my beautiful vintage looking Lauren scarf from Necks Please.  I love how chic this timeless print is, and how versatile it is transitioning between seasons.

Here are 8 ways I am wearing it this summer;

1. The boho bandeau


Whether you’re going to a festival, having some nice summer weather, or want a unique look; this makes for a cute little top.  This is really quick and easy to tie, and pairs perfectly with denim shorts, jeans or a pair of white high waisted flare trousers.

2. The old Hollywood head scarf


From Audrey Hepburn to Elizabeth Taylor; there wasn’t an actress in old Hollywood who wasn’t caught looking glamorous with a head scarf.  Whether you’re trying to keep the wind or moisture off you hair, or you’re in a place of worship where you’re required to cover your hair and shoulders, or you’re just wanting to make a glamorous statement, this is a quick and easy way to wear your scarf. If you’re worried about the scarf slipping, you can use pins to secure the sides, and bring both ends around the back of your neck and tie them together.

3. The bag bow


This is a great way to accessorize your bag and add a fun twist.  It is also handy if you want to carry a scarf with you, but not wear it the whole time, and have little room in your bag to put it.

4. The Frida Kahlo headband


OK, so there is a serious lack of flowers for it to be a true Frida Kahlo headband, but tying it this way always makes me think of her powerful personal style.  Whether you’re wearing your air up or down, this is such a pretty way to tie your scarf as a hair accessory.

5. The hat wrap


I love using a scarf to instantly transform a plain hat.  This always looks really chic on the beach, and is another way to carry a scarf without putting it in an already over crowded bag.

6. The classic shawl


This is one of my favourite ways to wear a scarf.  There is something very elegant about having a delicate piece of fabric draped from your shoulders.  This is perfect for keeping off a cool evening breeze, or as an accessory for a wedding or formal occasion, or just adding a touch of drama to your outfit.

7. The chic carrier


If you find yourself without a bag for small groceries, this is a nifty way of creating one.  Using a few folds and knots, this is a sew free, scarf friendly bag.  Keep an eye out for my tutorial on how to do this on my Instagram.

8. The waterfall cape


This is probably my favourite way to wear a scarf.  It is so quick and easy to tie, but instantly adds an effortless elegance to any outfit.  I always get lots of compliments on how I tie my scarf this way; after this summer break is up, I’ll be adding this tutorial onto my Instagram.

“Put your money into accessories.  You could create a million different looks.” – Iris Apfel



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Thank you to Necks Please for partnering with me on this post.

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