Recycled Plastic Flower Baskets


We are becoming ever more conscious about the impact plastics have on the environment, and although we make an effort to buy less goods that come in plastic packaging, there is just no getting away from some plastics.  If we can’t get rid of them completely, I like to try to find ways to use them to help the environment – even the littlest act can make a difference.

With it being the summer, we are spending more time outside in the garden; the girls are now 2 and 4 and constantly asking questions about how the world around them works.  They’ve taken a particular interest in bees and butterflies (we recently purchased live caterpillars and a butterfly tent so the girls could learn first hand about the life cycle of a butterfly – check out my Instagram to follow along with their progress), so we decided to make a butterfly and bee garden using some recycled bottles and pots.  We had an empty patch of wall in the garden that I felt was an eyesore and in need of an urgent upgrade (to everyone else I am sure it was a perfectly good patch of wall that needed no upgrade!) So naturally, I felt this was the perfect location!

My husband was great picking out a trellis from a local DIY and home improvement store.  Depending on the size of trellis needed, these can be picked up at a low cost – we picked up our 900mm x 1800mm for £20.

So here is what you will need to make this butterfly and bee garden;

  • Clean empty bottles and pots.
  • Fresh compost.
  • Small flowers or seeds (depending on the time of year).
  • Acrylic paint.
  • String.
  • Something to hang the planters from.
  • Scalpel/scissors.

Here is how to make them;

  1. Cut your bottles into your chosen design.  I decided to lay our bottles horizontally cutting off one side.  I used a scalpel to create the initial cut, and then used a pair of scissors to finish it off.
  2. Cut several small drainage holes into the bottom of each bottle and pot.
  3. Decorate your bottles and pots using acrylic paint.  We went for bright colours to attract more bees and butterflies.
  4. Cut/drill/poke holes in either end of the bottle/pots.  Feed the string through these holes ready for hanging.
  5. This is the fun messy part!  Fill your bottles and pots with your seeds/flowers and compost.  It is not too late to make these this summer, but you’ll need to plant flowers that have already bloomed.  You can pick these up from most garden centres and large supermarkets.  Make sure you buy small flowers that don’t have a root system that is too big for the size of pot or bottle you’re using.  If you’re planning to make these next summer, you can plant a variety of different seeds and watch them grow.
  6. Water accordingly and enjoy watching them bloom.

If you make these over the summer months, make sure you tag my Instagram account as I’d love to see your creations too.



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