Hand Crafted Bug Jars

We’ve recently had a spot of lovely weather, and with the usual Spring boom of wildlife in our garden, we thought we would take full advantage and get outside and explore.  Our eldest daughter had received a Primary Science Outdoor Discovery Set from Learning Resources for Christmas – and she has been desperate to use it since.  After turning over many stones, and digging up some dirt, we decided to head back inside to examine what we had found.  Both girls found this incredibly exciting, naming each creepy crawly with their own personal, and somewhat wacky names!

After releasing these back into the garden, where they were initially found; we decided to create our own bug jars.

These were a fun way to sum up and discuss what we had found in our garden.  Here is how we made ours;

  1. Cut out your jar and chosen creepy crawly shapes, twigs and leaves.  We cut two jars in each colour to create a front and back as we wanted ours to be two sided.  If you’re planning to stick these on the wall, you only need to do one side.IMG_20190402_223151.jpg
  2. Cut out the centre of your jar and stick onto clear cellophane. Trim any excess cellophane. (If you’re creating a double sided jar – complete this on both jar layers).
  3. Plan out the placement of your creepy crawlies and stick down.
  4. Glue the front and back of the jars together. IMG_20190402_223305.jpg
  5. Optional – Place your handmade jar on a flat surface (preferably an ironing board), place a paper towel over the top and iron gently.  This will cause the cellophane layers to stick together, giving your craft extra security and longevity.  If you prefer not to iron, staples would work too.
  6. Stick/hang up and enjoy.


We’ve had great fun exploring our garden and creating our own little bit of indoor nature.  We are hoping that the good weather stays for a little longer!



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