Recycled Bird Feeders

We are becoming ever more conscious in our household about recycling and limiting the amount of single use plastics that we use.  With the wintry weather well and truly here, and bouts of snow here and there (with more inevitably due at some point), we decided to recycle a number of our empty bottles into bird feeders.

Our house backs onto fields and green land, so our garden has always been a nature hub.  These new additions have attracted an abundance of birds which we have very much enjoyed sitting and watching.  We’ve used different sized milk bottles, tetra pack cartons, water bottles and any other bottles we could find in our recycling.  These took us minutes to make, but you could spend time decorating them if you wished.  If you do – to ensure the decoration lasts in the weather, try to find a plastic suitable paint.

We’ve set these up around the garden giving the birds plenty of locations to feed from.  We have specifically designed ours to be aimed at the smaller birds in our garden as we have a large bird table already which the larger birds feed from (and often hog!)  We’ve used string and garden wire (covered in a rubber coating) to hang our feeders.

Here are some we have made;

The girls have enjoyed watching the birds, and admittedly, whenever my mind needs some quiet time, I often sit by the window watching the birds too.  This is a great craft if you’re looking for something to do last minute; that is no prep, quick to make, and cheap!  Children often love watching everyday items being transformed into something new, even if it is just as a result of cutting a few holes in some plastic and hanging it up.

I hope the weather is treating you kindly.  I’m definitely ready for the summer.



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