Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve is quickly approaching so I thought I’d share with you what we have in our Christmas Eve box.  The girls will be spoilt with presents from Santa, family and friends, so our box doesn’t consist of any presents; but family activities and things to do.

Here is what is in our box;

  • Snowman and Father Christmas films – These were two films I loved as a child.  We turn the lights down low, light a fair few candles and snuggle down with a bowl of popcorn for all to share.
  • Christmas themed colouring – Both of our girls love to colour/scribble, and this usually allows me some much needed Christmas prep time.
  • Christmas stickers – because all children are sticker mad!
  • Gingerbread Men – like all parents on the run up to Christmas, I have been crazy busy, so these are shop bought packs ready to decorate.  They’re fun to do, and I get to eat some too!
  • Christmas stories – We have a a selection of books and stories.  We read these periodically throughout the day.  (Christmas Eve is uninterrupted family time all day, so we have plenty of time to read these).
  • Games – There are always a selection of games to play throughout the day.  This year we have Monkey Flip (this was given to our eldest as a birthday present from one of our  wonderful parent friends, we absolutely love this game as a family), Tumble Tower, Pop-Up Puppy, Elf on the Shelf Snap cards, and a Christmas deck of cards for a variety of games. (Most of these are games are play with throughout the year).

As the girls get older, some of the content of the box will change, but we will always keep a few key pieces in there; the films, certain stories and gingerbread decorating so they become classic Christmas memories.

I’d love to hear what you put in your Christmas Eve box.  Let me know in the comments below or on my latest Instagram post.



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