My Christmas Wish List

Every year I am asked the same question; “What would you like for Christmas?”  Usually I never know the answer to this (I’m much better at picking out presents for others).  This year I had a clear idea of the things that I wanted.

Here is what is on my Christmas wish list;


  • Victoria’s Secret Sport Total Knockout Leggings – Almost all of my sportswear is Victoria’s Secret; it is comfortable, practical and looks great.  Some of my workout leggings need updating ready for the New Year, so a couple of pairs of these are on my wish list.
  • River Island Beige Zip Front Backpack – I usually carry an over the shoulder bag, but now my girls are little older, a stylish and practical backpack would be more appropriate when chasing them!
  • Zara Navy Round Heel – I recently did a huge clear out of my shoes, my go-to navy heels were looking a little tired so these will be an ideal replacement.  The round block heel is an unusual and eye catching twist.
  • Zara Mustard Heel – I have more shoes than I care to admit, but recently I had been wanting to pair quite a few outfits with mustard heels and I didn’t have a pair.  These are very comfortable with a good block heel which is ideal for long days of wear or chasing children.
  • Woodwick Candles (Island Getaway and Summer Sweets) – I absolutely love candles, and the atmosphere they create; I usually light several every day which causes me to go through them very quickly. A few of my favourite candles are almost out, so a couple of new ones to replace these will be needed very soon.  My favourite thing about the Woodwick Candles is that they crackle as they burn which creates a calming and cozy atmosphere during the evenings (and they smell great of course!)
  • Bobble Remover – Every Fall when I get my knitwear back out, some of my pieces look more and more bobbly; instead of throwing these perfectly good items out, a defluffer/debobbler would do the trick freshening them back up.
  • BaByliss Diamond Big Hair Brush – My favourite hairdryer recently stopped working (it wore out), and although I had an alternative old one, I began my search for a new one.  I have thick hair which is VERY frizz prone, and can take a long time to dry and style, so I’ve been looking for something that will save time and effort when drying my hair.  After reading lots of reviews, I feel that the BaByliss Diamond Big Hair Brush should do the trick.  I’ll let you know how this goes.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage Camoflage Foundation – I recently changed from my previous go to Mac foundation to the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage Camouflage Foundation.  It is a light full coverage foundation, with a little going a long way.  I am almost out of mine, so I’m due some more just in time for Christmas.

As much as I have a list of things I would ideally like for Christmas, for me, I standby the philosophy that “it doesn’t matter what is under the tree, it is who is around it that counts”.

With a week to go, I am feeling the least prepared I have ever been for Christmas!  This year has been a manic one, but I’m looking forward to some chilled out family time over the next couple of weeks.



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