Christmas Sun Catchers

If you follow my blog or Instagram account, you’ll know how much we love to brighten up the girls’ playroom with handmade sun catchers.  We regularly create new ones to reflect the changes in seasons, festive periods or just whenever we fancy a change.  With Christmas around the corner, it seemed appropriate to begin our Christmas crafts with some festive sun catchers.  We usually decorate the four large windows at the front of the playroom that look onto the garden, as these capture the best light throughout the day.

Our eldest daughter is coming up to 3½ years of age, so I decided to decorate each window with a different scene from the nativity story as this is something we will be teaching her this year.  The first window depicts Mary riding a donkey to Bethlehem, the second is of the shepherds, the third is of the three kings/wise men, and the final window is of Mary and Joseph looking over the manger containing baby Jesus.

As per usual, we are using the same materials we use each time;

  • black card,
  • glue,
  • cellophane,
  • scissors,
  • and tissue paper in a range of colours.

To see more sun catchers on my blog, check out my arts and crafts posts.



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Photo 26-11-2018, 09 17 41


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