Personalised Christmas Paper

The countdown to Christmas has begun!  I don’t know if it is just me, but I always spend far too long trying to pick out the perfect Christmas paper.  Each year we have printed the girls hands and feet for Christmas cards, decorations, pottery and other crafts, so this year I decided to create our own Christmas paper using their footprints.

It is quick, easy and cheap to do.  I bought a large sized roll of brown parcel paper from a local supermarket (25m for just over £2).  I laid this paper out in strips taping them down to the floor using a small amount of masking tape.

I chose four themes;

  • Christmas trees,
  • snowmen,
  • reindeers,
  • and mistletoe.

I printed my youngest daughter’s feet first as it would be easier to print my eldest’s around hers.  I allowed the prints to fully dry before decorating them, they surprisingly didn’t take too long to decorate (the most time consuming part was printing the feet).

This paper is unique, and a lovely touch for family and friend’s presents.  If it is your baby’s first Christmas, it is a nice keepsake for grandparents.

Keep an eye out for more Christmas related post,



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