Geometric Unicorns

My youngest is reaching the age where we will begin to decorate her bedroom in preparation for moving her out of the nursery.  Due to this, we have naturally built up a collection of colour charts whilst trying to decide on the colour for her bedroom.  I’m a big believer in trying to reduce waste through recycling, we only get one planet, so it always feels like a waste to discard these charts into the bin.  I love making unique one-off pieces, so I decided to make use of these charts turning them into geometric (big current trend) pink/purple ombré unicorns.

I did this a while back creating some pieces for our dining room, check out my Instagram (@diaryofayummymummy) to see more on these – to be posted tomorrow. You can create any design of your choice in any colour, matching your colour scheme.  This one was a little fiddly but is suitable for any crafting beginner.  The more complicated the design, the longer it takes, if this is your first time it’ll take a few hours to complete.  It is a nice project to do if you have a chunk of spare time or if you want to complete it over a short period of time.

Here is what you’ll need;

  • Card of chosen size
  • Colour charts
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Tracing paper (optional but it will help speed up the process)

Photo 26-09-2018, 19 28 58 (1)

Here is how to create this look;

  1. In pencil, lightly draw the outline of your chosen design.  If you’re not a confident artist, there are lots of templates on the internet that you can use.Photo 26-09-2018, 19 34 35 (1)
  2. Decide on colour ombré order.Photo 26-09-2018, 19 44 08
  3. Using the tracing paper map out the geometric shapes and placement of these.Photo 26-09-2018, 21 29 13
  4. Cut out the individual pieces and stick onto the design in the chosen place. Continue until the design is complete.
  5. Frame and stick up.

Hope you are having a magical weekend,



Instagram @diaryofayummymummy

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