My Favourite 6 Baby Products

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I was going to do a top 5 but I really struggled to whittle it down, so I decided to settle for my top 6 instead!  Quite a few of my friends have recently had their first child or are expecting soon, and each have asked me the same question, “what are the best things you bought when you had your children?”

So here they are;

  1. Chicco Next 2 Me Bedside Crib


This was one of my favourite things that we purchased.  This made night feeds a lot easier as I didn’t have to physically get up and out of bed, it was also great for checking that they were still breathing as when you become a new parent, you become paranoid about this!  Because it is attached to the side of the bed, it feels very much like you’re co-sleeping, but they are separate to you.  I also loved being able to lay in bed and stroke my baby’s head.  Sometimes they would fuss and placing my hand on their chest or head was enough to settle them back to sleep.  There is also nothing better than waking up to big happy baby eyes looking at you from their cot.

We purchased ours from Toys R Us (RIP, we will miss you Geoffrey), but it can be purchased from a number of stores including; Mothercare, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco, Boots.  My biggest advice is to shop around as the prices may vary quite a bit.


2.  Cuddle Bug stretchy sling

I think this is my absolute favourite purchase. This was used everyday from a few days old until they grew too big and independent to be carried on the front.  I bought ours from Amazon- .  It allowed me to have my hands free to do any jobs needed.  Both of my girls loved this product and would sleep in it beautifully.

Once you’ve tied it a couple of times (there are lots of tutorials on YouTube), it takes less than two minutes to put it on and place them in it.  I loved being able to cuddle my girls constantly, and they were usually very placid when in it.  The way the sling is tied allows the weight to be evenly distributed making it very comfortable to wear.  I am very small framed and found almost every other carrier was too big for me causing my little ones to sit too low against my chest (you should be able to kiss the top of their head with ease), the sling is completely adjustable so it fits absolutely every frame.

Now my girls are too big for the stretchy sling, we’ve progressed onto a back carrier (GAGAKU), which is equally brilliant.


3. Snooze Shade


My eldest was the nosiest child, and my youngest is certainly following in her footsteps, which would make nap time a frequent challenge.  This changed everything, it was recommended to us by a friend, it is made from a breathable fabric and is designed to black out the space they’re in helping them to switch off from their surroundings and settle.  If you have a nosey child, this is a must!


4. Joie Spin 360


This was a game changer!  Toddlers become experts at the car seat plank making it near impossible to get them to sit down.  It is usually when you’re in a rush, its raining and you’re getting drenched, or when mum patience is running in short supply for whatever reason!  This car seat can be used from birth to 4 years.  It swivels meaning you can turn them to face you as you place them in making it very difficult for them to plank!  If my girls were reluctant to get into the car seat, I would let them sit/stand in it and spin it around a few times which they loved, they would usually then decide to cooperate without any fuss.  It comes as a whole isofix unit which is an added bonus.

Again, we got ours from Toys R Us, but you can get it from other stores including; Boots, John Lewis, and Halfords.  Although most stores sell it for the same price, it is worth shopping around as there may be an offer on.


5. Aldi Nappies


We tried every brand under the sun before we discovered Aldi’s nappies.  For some reason, I didn’t trust Aldi to make good nappies, oh how I was wrong!  They are amazing!  They have only leaked once or twice in the years we have been using them, and they are SO cheap.  We’ve used them from newborn size, through to pull ups and have always loved them.


6.  Out ‘n’ About Nipper Double V4


This was recommended to us by a friend and has been the best pram we have used.  It has a ton of hidden storage, can fit through pretty much every single sized door even though it is a double pram.  It collapses and sets up easily, it is very manoeuvrable, and is very lightweight (it is lighter than all of the single prams we have used).  We got ours from Very but there are a number of other stores you can get it from.  This is one to shop around for as the price really varies between stores.

When you’re getting organised for the arrival of your little ones, it can be very overwhelming to decide what you do and don’t need to get.  I hope this helps a little.  Keep an eye out for my ‘What not to buy’ post which will be coming soon.



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