Lazy Mum Hair

I was always an over packer before I had children, packing pretty much every electrical item I owned, but these such items have been replaced by nappies, baby wipes, toys and many more things! Because of this, my hair can sometimes feel neglected especially if we are going out for a nice dinner or spending an evening on the terrace.

I have thick curly hair which is quite long, but the curls never fall as I would like them to, and with two children I simply don’t have the time to spend slaving away perfecting them. So I use this method which curls my hair beautifully, requiring absolutely no prep, and I don’t have to pack a single electronic item to achieve it!

I usually blow dry my hair straight to take out any frizz I would naturally accumulate. I use the Tresemme Marula Salon hair dryer 5543FGU from Debenhams (product code 3240091019), but if you’re short on packing space, then a hotel one would work just fine. Blow drying your hair prior to curling isn’t a requirement, it is just my personal preference, it works on pretty much any hair type.

Here is what you will need to achieve this look;

  • Mousse (if you are creating this look off from freshly washed hair. It is not required but helps lock in the curls for longer).
  • One or two thick cotton or elastic headbands.
  • Hairspray.

This is a great way to curl your hair as it requires no heat which is much better for maintaining good conditioned hair.

How to achieve this look;

  1. If freshly washed; whilst your hair is still damp, take two golf ball sized pumps of mousse (I use the Tresemme Volume and Lift mousse) and evenly distribute through the hair. Allow your hair to either dry naturally or blow dry.
  2. This is where I began for mine as my hair was day two hair. Because I have long hair, I use two headbands for ease. Place the band over the top of the hair, separating the hair into two sections from the centre part. Working outwards moving in towards the centre part, take thin pieces of hair wrapping them over the top of the band threading it down. Repeat until all the hair have been wrapped up to the centre part.
  3. I place the second headband over the top and repeat from the other side until all the hair has been wrapped. If your hair is shorter or thinner, one band is enough.
  4. Spray the wrapped hair with hairspray (for this I have used the Goldwell Kerasilk fixing spray), this will help to lock in the curls.
  5. Leave overnight.
  6. In the morning unravel the hair gently from the headband. Depending on how tight or loose you would like the curls to look, either top up with hairspray or run your fingers through the curls breaking them up gently (I usually brush mine through once to loosen the curls).

I love using this method as it takes less than two minutes to wrap the hair up, and you can leave it over night making it the ultimate busy Mum glam hair and ideal for travelling!

You can’t beat a bounce in your step as well as your hair.


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