Hand Crafted Tent


As a child I loved a cosy hideaway, whether it be to have a tea party with my bears, read a book or while away the hours, so I wanted to recreate this for my girls.  We have an assortment of shop bought tents around the house, but I wanted something that fitted the style of my eldest’s bedroom, and felt more magical, so I naturally concluded that crafting a new one would be the logical solution!

This was a group effort from my mother, husband and myself.  I designed, my mother sewed, and my husband constructed!  I spent much of the time very heavily pregnant chasing my eldest!

This is a simple ‘A’ frame tent that took very little time to put together.  You’ll need to know your way around a sewing machine and drill, or find others that do!

Here is how to make it;

Step 1:

You will need;

  • 4 x 1 metre long, 25mm x 15mm rectangular lengths of wood
  • 3 x 1.2 metre long, 25mm round dowel (one 15mm shorter)
  • 6 x screws (at least 50mm long, 5mm in diameter)
  • 2.5-3 metres of fabric in your chosen design (we used lace and vintage rose fabrics)
  • Drill and 4mm bit
  • Sand paper to smooth the edges

Step 2:

Photo 07-09-2018, 13 31 58.jpg

Drill each rectangular section of wood at each end, approximately 15-20mm from each end.

Step 3:

Photo 07-09-2018, 13 32 03.jpg

Drill each end of the 3 dowels, approximately 40mm in (pilot hole).

Step 4:

Photo 07-09-2018, 13 32 11

Assemble by inserting the screws into the pre-drilled holes. Once completed, sew both ends of the fabric so there is a pocket for the dowel to sit in.

Step 5:

Photo 07-09-2018, 13 32 25.jpg

Unscrew the bottom two dowels on one end of the tent.  Slip the dowel into the pocket of fabric at one end, draping the material over the top dowel before placing the final dowel into the pocket on the other end.  Once done, screw it back together.  Be careful to do this as few times as possible to prevent the screw losing grip in the wood.

You can use almost any fabric in any design, add fairy lights, bunting, cushions etc, and really make it your own.  We’ve spent many hours playing in this tent, and I now often find the girls playing in there together of their own accord.

I hope you enjoy making and playing in yours as much as we do.

Have a lovely weekend,


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